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Going fee-based requires a good plan and the right mindset. Download 10 ideas we encourage every advisor to follow when transitioning to fee-based and 10 pitfalls to avoid as you transition your business to an advice-based approach.

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Going Fee-Based: The 7 Investor Benefits


There are numerous business and investment benefits that an advisor receives from transitioning to a fee-based approach. In fact, though, the most compelling benefits may actually be received by the client. In our mind, a transition to fee-based account structure, that is done properly, can truly be a win-win solution for your business and your clients.

We outline seven benefits that investors should receive when working with a fee-based advisor using a managed account approach: [Read more…]

5 Key Investment Benefits of Going Fee-Based: One Advisor’s View


Recently, we had a conversation with an advisor who has been transitioning her direct mutual fund business to fee-based accounts with Bellatore. Her feedback on how quickly and impressively her business and her life changed compelled us to write this article.

When we first met this Texas-based advisor a little over a year ago, she had built a respectable business with very strong client relationships. She was managing over $30 million in direct mutual fund investments in a traditional commission-based relationship.

However, her success was beginning to cause her to feel overwhelmed, especially since she was managing everything by herself. It got to the point where she was questioning whether or not to take on new business. She was worried about staying on top of her investment management duties, and, being in a small office, she felt alone.

We helped her transform her business through a transition to a fee-based model and she immediately felt some relief. While she definitely benefited from outsourcing some of her businesses operational and administrative duties to Bellatore, she was most impressed with the enhanced investment benefits she could offer her clients.

We outline her perspective on five investment benefits that her clients have been receiving from her new approach: [Read more…]

Going Fee-Based: The Top 5 Advisor Business Benefits


Transitioning from a commission-based business to one driven by fees can be a rewarding and profitable move. Additionally, the benefits to your clients, your business and your quality of life are well worth the time it takes to make a transition. Let’s look at the top five business benefits [Read more…]

5 Strategies for a Rising‐Rate Environment Revisited

Kane Cotton, CFA, and Jonathan Scheid, CFA, outline five ways to help manage a client’s account during a rising rate environment. Their insights span fixed income, stock and alternative asset classes, and their analysis includes how these and other strategies performed during the 2013 Taper Tantrum. Best of all, the strategies outlined in the article are actually being used in the portfolios that they manage, so this helps you get a better understanding of their thinking while knowing that they practice what they preach. [Read more…]