Are You Fee-Worthy? (Webinar & Resources)

As the financial advisory profession continues to evolve, we want you to be prepared for what’s ahead. Whether you are concerned about the Department of Labor rules, how to attract new clients, the rise of robo advisors or making sure you are delivering value for your fees, the answers are all the same.

Bellatore Financial and Pareto Systems hosted a webinar on how to be a fee-worthy advisor. A replay of that webinar can be found here.

Watch the webinar to uncover how to:

  • Get above the DOL and robo noise
  • Achieve Total Client Engagement
  • Convert Clients into Referral-Generating Advocates

Whether you are already fee-based or just evaluating the benefits of a fee-based practice, this informative webinar will provide excellent information you can immediately integrate into your practice.

Webinar Resources

The Next 90 Days:
Achieve Total Client Engagement
& Become a Fee-Worthy Advisor


The Next 90 Days:
Make Your Clients
the Voice Video