About the Site

We built this site to primarily help you answer two questions:

  1. Why should I go fee-based?
  2. How do I go fee-based?

Our site’s mission is to be the leading online resource on why transitioning your 12b-1 accounts to fee-based models are in your client’s and your business’s best interest.

About the Author

Jonathan Scheid, CFA
President & Chief Investment Officer, Bellatore Financial, Inc.
For over 15 years, Jonathan has been helping advisors better manage fee-based investments. See his full bio or connect with Jonathan Scheid on LinkedIn.

About Bellatore Financial, Inc.

Since our firm’s inception, Bellatore Financial, Inc., has always focused on helping advisors, like you, more effectively manage and transition to fee accounts. We now help over 120 advisors manage fee accounts and, at any given time, we are actively helping a dozen or so advisors transition their 12b-1 accounts to fee accounts.

We have seen successful, well-executed transitions and we have seen absolute train wrecks. This site will help you avoid your transition turning into a train wreck as we share the proven processes and best-practices we developed with our advisors to make transitioning to fee easy and a true value to your clients. These are real strategies used on real clients and deliver real results. For more information on Bellatore, please visit our website at www.bellatore.com.